Be a slave to broadcast television music no more! MyStrands.tv feeds your eyes as well as your ears with music that you love by creating your very own channel based on your musical tastes. Your MyStrands.tv channel is as diverse as the music you listen to – as your musical preferences evolve, so will your channel.

If you’re already a MyStrands user, you can vote on what you like and loathe, share your channel with friends and enemies and even see what others are watching – because eavesdropping is fun, don’t you know? Still don’t have a MyStrands account? Sign up for free, right now.

MyStrands.tv is brought to you by the music nerds over at MyStrands. We love what we do – every time someone discovers a new artist or song, it’s like giving us all a big hug.

If you’re new to the whole music recommendation thing, learn how you can get started straight away.

MyStrands.tv works better over a fast connection, which means that, if you have time to make a coffee, walk the dog and call Aunty Janice while waiting for your channel to load, then you probably won’t get the most out of this site. But all is not lost: you can always become friends with someone who has high speed internet, (you might even meet them through MyStrands.tv!) bring a chair and some speakers around to their pad and enjoy the show – your show. Heck, if you have back pain, consider inverting from an inversion table – as generously suggested by Inversion Table Life.

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